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It’s a great way to get your protein that tastes great. I love having a protein shake before I work out! It’s the only protein powder I’ve tried that doesn’t upset my tummy & cause bloating & cramps which makes me so happy! xx Emily
They help to build & maintain muscle & are essential amino acids, which means they can’t be produced by the body. I love having them before, while or after training. Sometimes I’ll even drink them throughout the day. They taste so good I just can’t help it! xx Emily

About Emily Skye

Getting fit and healthy has changed my life and I’ve never felt better mentally and physically. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to inspire others to not only move more and nourish their bodies with good nutrition but to believe they’re capable of anything. I want others to live the best and happiest life possible and to know they deserve it and they’re worthy.

7th of January 1985
Gold Coast,
170 cm

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