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Seamless Sportswear: Tips and benefits

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What is seamless sportswear, and what makes it so special?

Seamless technology is an innovative knitting concept that produces smooth sportswear clothing practically free of unwanted seams, sewing & stitches.

Instead of being made the traditional way where fabrics are cut into pieces and sewn together in many different steps, seamless sportswear is created in fewer and more efficient steps using highly advanced circular knitting machines.

The machines, which are programmed by computers, turn yarn into complete garments in just a few minutes, with minimal cutting and sewing. As a result, you get comfortable & durable sportswear, free from unnecessary & uncomfortable seams.

Who started the seamless technology?

The seamless technique can be traced back to the 4th and 5th century AD. The Egyptians during the Coptic era were already producing seamless garments for themselves but the technology behind it has come a long way since then. Nowadays, advanced machines and highly trained people are behind this advanced technique known as ‘circular knitting‘.

How does Women’s Best take advantage of the seamless technology?

Our goal at Women’s Best is to create high-quality sportswear that is flattering on all women and different body shapes. Through our sportswear line, we want women to feel empowered, so they feel confident enough to push their limits during their workouts. We work with the best manufacturers & designers in the industry to achieve this goal and provide you with sportswear that is the most comfortable and of the highest quality.

Our experts take advantage of the infinite possibilities that seamless technology has to offer while also combining the advantages of the technology with our own expertise and the feedback we receive from our customers.

The advanced circular knitting technology allows us to create specific properties in our fabrics. For example, when producing seamless sportswear, we are able to create shaping details where needed through specific programming of the knitting machines.

What are the benefits, features and advantages of seamless sportswear clothing?

Out of all the sportswear inventions, seamless sportswear has the highest amount of benefits and advantages. These benefits and advantages can easily explain why Women’s Best is using the seamless technology:


Having a breathable sportswear while you work out is very important for hygiene, comfort and regulating your body temperature.

That is why, at Women’s Best, we use a blend of various specific fibers and yarns in our garments. When seamless technology is combined with the right yarns, the result is a second-skin feel and a highly breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties.


Having fewer seams allows for a smoother feeling with no annoying marks on your body and less irritation when training. This makes seamless sportswear the most comfortable sportswear clothes.

Due to having fewer seams, seamless activewear is also lightweight. This makes you almost forget that you are wearing gym clothes and gives sports enthusiasts maximum movement range as well as flexibility.

Better Fit, Compression & Support

Seamless sportswear tends to be very flattering on all body shapes. Besides practically eliminating seams, the seamless garments are also fitted precisely to your body and adjust smoothly to your individual shape.

Thanks to seamless technology, the seamless knitting machines also allow for different levels of elasticity in different parts of the garment to achieve additional support, compression & shaping.

Style and Performance

Seamless technology allows for more creative possibilities for our designers due to its diverse capabilities which allow them to create beautifully designed sportswear while also meeting the high performance demands of our customers.


Seamless technology is also more sustainable and leads to minimal yarn and fabric consumption as it skips the labor-intensive sewing and cutting processes where fabric tends to be wasted.

Seamless technology does not require as many machines to be involved in the production of the garments and this results in lower energy consumption. The dyeing process of each garment is well controlled and water is constantly being recycled. Seamless styles have significant less waste materials compared to cut-sew items.


The benefit of having no seams or much fewer seams is that you generally don’t have to deal with seam failures, making the sportswear extremely durable.

What can seamless sportswear be used for?

The high-performance quality of seamless sportswear makes it suitable for almost all fitness activities, including:

  • Lifting weights
  • Cardio
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • And many more…

As our seamless sportswear is exceptionally comfortable and has a second skin feeling, you can wear Women’s Best seamless clothing everywhere.

Where is Women’s Best sportswear made?

Our sportswear is made in various countries, including Turkey, Bangladesh and China. Women's Best values ethics and quality, which is why we only work with factories and suppliers that have ethical labor policies in place. These policies ensure that employees are treated fairly and with respect, and work in safe and healthy conditions. 

The manufacturers we work with have the following third party certificates: SEDEX-Smeta Audit, GRS, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, ISO9001 Quality Assurance

What seamless sportswear products does Women’s Best offer?

Our seamless sportswear range includes everything from comfy sports bras, functional t-shirts & stylish cycling shorts to shaping leggings and long sleeve crop tops.

Do you want to know how to keep your seamless workout clothes looking fresh and new for longer? Read our guide on how to wash your sportswear.

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