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Destiny Monroe is a former track and field athlete, Army veteran, tech wizard and entrepreneur. 🤩Read our interview and find out more about the Women’s Best athlete!

Name: Destiny Monroe

Location: Dallas, Texas USA

Height: 5’6″ (165cm)

Birthday: 29th May 1988

Instagram: @dnicolemonroe

Can you share more about yourself and what you are doing? 

I am currently fulfilling my dreams. I am a Fitness Entrepreneur and Software/Implementations programmer.

When and how did you discover your passion for fitness and health?

I have always been an athlete since the age of 5. I ran track for a D1 university and served 8 years in the Army. I knew after those accomplishments I wanted to help women around the world with their fitness journey.

Tell us more about why you decided you wanted to make a career out of your passion?

Fitness is not a passion of mine, believe it or not. Fitness & Health is second nature for me and should be for everyone. I have a career in engineering and fitness is not a career for me, it’s a lifestyle. 

As the founder of Raw Fitness gym & app and as a trainer, what are your goals or what are you aiming to achieve within your community?

My fiancé and I open the doors to our gym facility in January and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The name of the gym is JD Iron. My goal is simple. I want to impact one person daily through my Raw Fitness programs and bring more knowledge and awareness to my community about our health.

You are a strong voice for women and Black women in the fitness industry. In a few words, in what ways do you want to change the narrative that is both gender and racially adverse?

Being a woman in this industry is already tough and I would like to see less judgement on women’s body types & parts. Being a Black woman is an added-on toughness as well. If you are brown or too dark, you can’t be marketed properly with companies, as they say. I would like to see change, but change must come within the industry and hopefully we are included more based off our talent & knowledge and not just to fill a quota.

Tell us more about your training and workouts. What does your routine involve?

I train 5-6 days a week. I love bodybuilding & strength training.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of how far I have come thus far in my life.

Has there ever been a time where you felt like you were met with hurdles that seemed impossible to jump and how you navigated to overcame this? 

Yes, plenty of times and I always navigate through any hardship with prayer, an open mind & heart, and a solution. 

Fun question: describe in five words who Nicole is at her core:

Resilient, Love, Raw, Industrious, & Passionate

What Women’s Best supplements and nutrition products do you use? When and why?

I use the Amino & Energy before and during my workouts to get that amazing energy and to help assist with my muscle growth. Green Superfood smoothie & Wheatgrass in the mornings to boost my immune system.

What is your favorite Women’s Best collection and color?

The Power Collection in Blue

You decided to collab with Women’s Best. Taking into consideration everything you work for, why did you choose to be part of the community?  

I chose to be apart of WB because I see women who look like me and that is very important for me. Diversity is key for any company/business and after what took place in 2020 with the high tensions of racial injustice, I knew then the compassion WB had for their athletes. I will never forget how Mazen (Head of Sponsorship Marketing) started a group chat for the Black athletes to check in on us – that was more impacting than most may know and that is why I am staying with WB. Caring, diversity, best products, and amazing team.

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